Deformation of life

(PL) Galeria Bałucka , Łódź

Dariusz Leśnikowski

Deformation of life -changes of life.

World eggs

(FI) B-Galleria, Project space Turku
17.2. – 6.3.2022

Alkumunat / World Eggs
14cm x 8cm

The project World Eggs consists of imaginary bird eggs from which the world is reborn in the 2020s.
The project is inspired by the centuries-old traditions and myths in which the world was born from eggs.

These eggs are bringing together different elements, details, characters – differences in appearance and color. Each of these elements are symbolizing important qualities of nature and human which we need for the new better world to emerge.

Eternal ghosts
(World eggs)

(PL) Solo exhibition in Fabryka sztuki, Lodz, Poland
Series of ceramics and paintings

Year: 2021

Alkumunat / World Eggs
14cm x 8cm

In my work, I have updated the story to

The exhibition ‘’World eggs’’ consist of imaginary bird eggs made of ceramics. The project plays with the idea of the world being born aging in 20-centry – giving the opportunity to recreate everything gain in better way.

Photos: Agnieszka Cytacka

Eternal ghosts

(PL) Solo exhibition in Fabryka sztuki, Lodz, Poland
Series of ceramics and paintings

Year: 2021

Painting collection focused on the funcktions of silicone in a painting.

Transparent silicon layers, which makes possible to see ”into the past” to the stuructures of painting layers.

Photos: Johanna-Josefina Alanko

Eternal ghosts:

(PL) Galeria Nova, Krakow

Size 50 x 60 and 50 x 60

Silicone, oilpastel, glitter and acrylics

Where time ends

(FI) Ceramic and light installation
Light biennial FLASH 3 – Light and death

2021 , Suomenlinna Helsinki

Alanko’s ceramic installation Where Time Ends consists of large stoneware ceramic stars, inspired by the real stars in the space.

Each piece has its own rhythm to shine and to extinguish. The underlying idea of this work of art is to raise thoughts about life after death and the end of time – what will happen to us and where will we go?

Photos: Johanna-Josefina Alanko


(FI) Installation of Karelianpie rollers in Tohmajärvi libarary / North-Karelia Finland

Size 6,7m x 4m

World eggs

(FI) Galleria Bunkkeri, Punkaharju

Saimaan taideluola
Saimaa art cave
”Kalevala ja muinainen suomi”

Year: 2021

Alkumunat / World Eggs
14cm x 8cm

The story of Kalevala starts from the birth of world, where thebird Sotka (eng. Aythya) lays seven eggs on the knee of witchcalled Ilmatar. In the story, the eggs break into the sea andthe sky, the earth, the stars and the sun are born bringingalive the world we are living in.

In my work, I have updated the story to the The 21st century,where the eggs represent new and better world being born.These eggs bring together differences, appearance, color anddifferent details. They symbolise important qualities andelements of both, humans and nature, which we need so abetter world can be born.

The exact total number of initial eggs has not been determined.

Collection of ceramic eggs from
2020 – 2021

Photos: Johanna-Josefina Alanko


Textile installation

Year: 2019

Gallarty Gallery, Moscow 2020
Galeria OFF, Lodz 2019
(Part of On colours exhibition)
Galeria Brukowa, Lodz 2019

Do not touch me

Collection of paintings and textiles

Year: 2019 & 2018

Galeria OFF, Lodz 2018
(Part of On colours exhibition)
Galeria Brukowa, Lodz 2021
Galeria Kobro, Lodz 2018


Ceramic miniatures for Real estate investors in Łódź, Poland

Year: 2019 and 2020

Photos: Johanna-Josefina Alanko


(FI) Solo exhibition in Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Lahti

Year: 2018

Collection of mixed media/texture paintings

The name Moniuszki comes from Alango’s studio space in Moniuszki Street, Łódź, Poland.

History is sweeping everywhere. The houses and buildings surrounding the street are old, layered and hidind hundreds of years on the surfaces of them. The yards have dried up, become wild and harvest and turn into glorius gardens. The cobblestones of the street were worn and stick out here and there and every step is uneven – being same time changed to new.

Behind two big iron doors from 1887, hides a small studio inside – there all the paintings in the exhibition have been created.

Like Moniuszki, Alango’s works are researching new and old – shadows and light -textures and surfaces changing and making their stories from the travels which she just begun.

© 2021 Johanna-Josefina Alanko