The story of the human body

The series consists of large, almost two meter paintings. Abundant textures take their places as imaginations of the human body and its concepts of being human as part of nature and as part of society.

In my works, abstract concepts of humanity manifest themselves in abundant textures, which are for the most part stitches and textiles. As an artist, I equate these wrinkled, torn and parched surfaces I make with both human skin and clothing – elements that make my paintings also stories of individual people.

The way the skin remembers its physical past as scars, bruises, even wounds puts its viewer in the conversation about both violence but also the beauty of life where our bodies stretch and shrink as a result of age, physical work, pregnancy or harsh thinking.
Clothing is also an important part of our humanity, where it can be used to describe social status, need or deprivation.

260 cm x 150 cm
Textiles, resin, sand, sting and acrylics on canvas

Night in lagoon
textiles, acrylics
146 x 145

Textiles & acrylics