Strawberry tree

The flowers of the strawberry tree have fallen into a large mound under the tree – From that, I know the stingers have just eaten.
I collect a few of the flowers and try to put them back in the tree – there should just be tape or at least yarn to make it work. At the same time, the wasp sticks my finger and it swells into a solid ball.
The rays of the sun feel like a burning rubber on my face. All of nature has withered into a pile – including my own soul. At the same time, each place is decorated with the light and glitter of plastic rubbish – frosting the landscape.
I try to sew the flowers together and tune back that interesting tension which they holds inside. With a delicate needle I am operating the flowers together.

The collection consists of paintings and ceramic works, focuses on the interaction between human and nature.

Absent / 130 x 100
Cocoon / 150 x 130
Living piece of nature
Flower of strawberry tree / A5
Untitled / 100×70
Untitled / A5
Roots / 130 x 100
Death piece of nature
Untitled / A3
Strawberry tree / 150 x 140
Forgetting can be complete or particle / 100 x 80