Solitude means loneliness in its positive form. These four paintings are related to my thesis when I graduated from the Kankaanpää Fine Arts University of Applied Sciences. Below I quote the introduction my thesis:
“In my thesis, I deal with loneliness and solitude of artists – their work, as well as its effects on creativity and related processes. The goal was to raise questions about good and bad influence of solitude on art. With good effects, I mean primarily the importance of loneliness in terms of creativity. What is the relationship between loneliness and creativity? In what ways can it bring us creative talents? And whether loneliness is indispensable in the work of the artist.

” My paintings are pictured to show my story as I see it. The hand-drawn asymmetry describes the artist’s handcraft, intuitive drawing, and internal imagination. 

The works are supposed to project the image of intangible companionship, its importance, and presence. I use an abundance of textures to describe time and space, as they are part of the story of devoted work and mediate the artist’s presence.”

My Thesis You can check out here: (Only in Finnish)
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