Object memory


My work is influenced by my interest in combining humanity and nature – their spiritualism, spiritual powers, supernatural thinking as well as mythologies.

Often these topics like to take the form of abstract flowers and plants, find the language to speak about forces of femininity – which I still find to not be fully understood and appreciated.

Textures are emphasised in my paintings. The dozens of layers I am using in my artworks are a way to create deeper narratives and meanings. Anything can be part of my painting – but the materials which I choose are normally carefully considered. Every piece and stitch is telling its own story as part of the painting.

Sunday jelewry
Mixed media on canvas 2020
“Forgetting can be complete or partial” 
Mixed medias on canvas, 2020
Night life (What happens at night when we all stay home?)
Mixed medias on canvas, 2020
Where did the flowers go?
110 x 90
Sand, paper, textiles and acrylics
Soft line
100 x 80
Coal, gesso, acrylics and sand on canvas
Forces of femininity
Acrylics, Oils, textiles, paper and glitter on canvas
We don’t fall asleep
105 x 130
Acrylics and acrylic mass on canvas