Beauty in a plastic bag
100 x 90
Acrylic and tempera on canvas

My exhibition Moniuszki was presented in Galley ”Uusi Kipinä” in Lahti, Finland in May 2018. Part of the works has been presented also around the city of Lodz during the working progress.

Moniuszki is a street in Lodz, Poland – where all these works got their start. These pieces are as well my first public presentation with thicker textures. The inspiration of using materials as painting texture came partly from the city view, which is lively – same time old and new, broken and brand new.

Flowers are still blooming
100 x 70
Paper, ink, silicon, acrylic and oilcolours
Taste of yellow wine
100 x 80
Acrylic and paper on canvas
Midsummer magic
100 x 80
Silicon, acrylic and oilpaints
100 x 80
Mixed medias
Your dream about me
130 x 120
Akrylic and oil
Sweet little fabric
Mixed technique
130 H x 91 W
Vodka and some other stuff 
120 x 70
Paper and oil colour
Finger prints
Mixed medias