Park im. ks. J. Poniatowskiego, Łódź
Materials: tights and cotton

Environmental art piece is aiming to underline micro-life in the forest, what is
happening hidden from our eyes, what we can not always
notice, but what we should protect in our nature.

My installation is hidden in the park, in a small square.
It’s far away from where people are walking normally, but it’s
unnatural colour and size shines through the bushes if you
look carefully. It is inviting the people to walk into the forest
and go look at this unnatural element, inviting you to escape to
this world for a second.

The work has strong visual vibrations because of the
artificial form but its also showing way into a discussion about abstract body
in an artwork.
States of soft and pink surface can remaining us of skin, remaining people
about the weird message of humans being part of nature.