Nature is a significant part of my art work. Plants and flowers, ecosystem, animals – death and birth. When I look at nature, the first thing I see is beauty. It’s perfect aestetics and connection. When I look at it longer and deeper, I start to see how ruthless it can be, and how insignificant we are in front of it. How bigger is eating smaller and how even beautiful flowers can kill with poison.

When I am looking at humanity, I see elements of nature, but more compilicated. We are part of our enviroment, but we are as well part of a system which is only beloning to humans. We have our standards on how to be beautiful, how to be perfect, how to be a good person, but most of the time we don’t feel the connection between each other in our system, like the normal nature feels the connection. We feel more often alone and anxious in our system.

My paintings are most of the time abstract, describing elements of nature and humans, placed inside the nature and humanity. I want to bring out aestetic, beautiful elements, like the beauty we see from the first look, but more important, I want to bring out the ruthless truth of philosophy of life.

When you take a closer look on my paintings, You see textures and layers – the narrative behind the beauty. The narrative I am brinning out as an artist; painting, scratching, tearing, cutting, layering, extruding, combining and again painting my works. Thic textures in my works, are the symbol how everything we see is more than one standart of thinking. Nature and, humanity are more than one thin beautiful layer.