Johanna-Josefina Alanko is Finnish visual artist, based in Finland and Poland.
She has graduated 2018 from the School of Fine Arts in Kankaanpää and also studied architecture and design in Universidad Europea in Madrid, Spain 2016.

The interplay of human and nature is the main concern of Alanko.
We are indeed children of mother nature, but at the same time we grew apart – we are our own entity now. Why is it so? What is it that makes us different? What do we still have in common? How is it that even though we want to save nature, we continue exploiting it? Alanko expresses the conflict of interests between humans and nature – our completely different value systems. What is of value in the world of people or nations and what is of value in the world of flora and fauna? She paints the dark vision of a future in which sobriety never comes but as well hope for symbiosis with nature.

Alanko’s paintings are full of organic shapes and patterns from an abstract world of plants, fruit, wood and fingerprints. Shapes and colours which are not definitive, and do not have their representatives in true nature, but without a doubt resemble nature. Between them lay hidden elements of true human origin, such as architecture, technology and human body. Alanko’s paintings do not contain clear scenes with actors and scenery, but rather she is diffusing the real world into an abstract image to express the specific aura or soul of a moment, place, feeling or person. Her works are composed of multiple layers of various materials, which are breaking the flat conformity of canvas and stepping out into three dimensional space towards the observer.

Alanko is using a broad set of materials for the creation of her works. Besides acrylics, pigments and oil, her paintings contain recycled textiles, threads which form complex stitches and webs, construction materials such as resin, silicone, sand, metals and elements of nature, such as wood or chestnuts.


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